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A decade ago, the military descended on Ishval to end a long civil war. The unspeakable atrocities which followed continue to haunt the Ishvalan people -- and the State Alchemists who committed them.

Full Synopsis

Continuing off from the previous episode, Major Armstrong continues fighting with Scar. Recognizing that Armstrong's fighting style revolves around brute strength and alchemy, Scar dodges and counters Armstrong's attacks, resulting in his sunglasses falling off, revealing himself to be an Ishvalan. Nearly dodging Scar's attack, Armstrong realizes that since the Ishvalan people forbid alchemy, Scar intentionally does not perform the reconstruction phase of alchemy to avoid sinning himself. Wishing to deal with Fullmetal and Crystal first, Scar flees after using his next counterattack to make the tunnel cave-in. Meanwhile, the Elrics continue to run from the military and Scar with Dr. Marcoh, knowing things are too complicated since General Grand showed up. Ed thinks it would be better not to return to East City for the moment since the Führer King Bradley is there. However, witnessing a group of children playing in the rain, Marcoh realizes he's had enough not caring if Scar kills him. Meanwhile, the Mustang Unit surveys the ruined tunnel where Major Armstrong is and just as Lt. Colonel Hughes arrives confirming Scar killed Grand, the injured Armstrong wakes up and confirms Scar's identity as an Ishvalan, which Colonel Mustang realizes this is why he is after State Alchemists.

When the Elrics question Marcoh's choice of wanting to allow Scar to kill him, thinking Scar is doing it out of revenge for Ishval's defeat, Marcoh reveals the war was actually a massacre. Marcoh flashes back to how the viewpoints of Ishval's religon and distaste of alchemy lead to the friction between them, which escalated into a war when a military officer shot an Ishvalan child. After seven years of fighting, the State Alchemists were called in to end the war. Against Marcoh's wishes, Grand decided to use the refined red water to boost their abilities, allowing alchemists such as Grand, Mustang, Armstrong and an unknown alchemist to use their enhanced power to quickly end the war, greatly massacring Ishbalan people and destroying their homes as Marcoh watches in shock the next day. Back in the present, Scar continues to evade the military and Marcoh heals a child's injured leg before mentioning he knew two Amestrian doctors back then during the war. Those two doctors even healed anyone's injury regardless of the side they supported. Continuing his story, Marcoh reveals the final straw for him was when Grand had Mustang kill the doctors for aiding the injured Ishvalan people. Stopping a distraught Mustang from committing suicide by shouldering some of the blame for what happened, Marcoh convinces Mustang to help him desert from his post. As Marcoh finishes his story, he states that despite his defection, it was too late, and the majority of the Ishvalans had been exterminated. Ed believes that despite what happened, Scar is insane for taking revenge, including killing people that were not involved in the war. Ed uses his alchemy to repair the fracture on Al's armor that Scar inflicted earlier, stating how being able to live and find happiness is a better solution than revenge.

However, when Ed mentions going to Resembool where the Rockbells live, Marcoh runs off in fear because he can't go there. Meanwhile, Scar is confronted by the Mustang Unit. Before a confrontation erupts, Lt. Hawkeye knocks over Mustang and shoots at Scar, forcing him to flee due to Mustang's flame alchemy being useless on rainy days. Despite being angered by this, Mustang orders Lt. Breda to head to the train station, knowing Fullmetal will try to use it to get Dr. Marcoh out of the city. The Elrics catch up with Marcoh just as Scar coincidentally arrives. Knowing the truth about their bodies, Scar easily causes major damage to the right side of Al's armor and destroys Ed's automail arm, knowing he can't transmute without it. Just as Ed gives up and is going to allow Scar to kill him on the condition he spares Al who is not a State Alchemist, Marcoh intervenes. Recognizing the symbols on Scar's arm from inscriptions he found in Ishbal, Marcoh's incomplete Philosopher's Stone causes Scar an extreme amount of pain from his tattooed arm and Marcoh allows Scar to absorb it within his arm to keep the Ishvalan at bay. Mustang's group arrives and surrounds Scar, who uses his alchemy to create a giant hole into the sewers to escape. As Al criticizes Ed for his attempted sacrifice, the Führer's secretary Juliet Douglas arrives, stating the Führer will put Marcoh in his custody, which Marcoh agrees with. Before leaving, Marcoh mentions to Ed his reason for not wanting to go to Resembool is the doctors that were killed in Ishbal were named Rockbell, which Ed realizes were Winry's parents. Watching as Marcoh and Douglas go, Al recognizes the latter's voice as his and Ed's mother, something Ed doesn't believe due to their recent near-death experience.

Episode Notes

  • In this episode, there is an unidentified alchemist that has a few lines. It is not until 6 episodes later in Episode 21 that he would be properly introduced as the Crimson Alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee.

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