Just in time for his annual Assessment, Ed challenges Mustang to a fight. If Ed wins, Roy must tell the truth about the traveling doctor who saved children in Xenotime.

Full Synopsis

Ed and Al finally arrive in East City to report to Colonel Mustang on their investigation into the Philosopher's Stone. Ed imagines what Mustang will say for what happened in Reole. He soon notices Al had gone off doing something suspicious. The Elrics suddenly hear a scream. The scream is due to Lt. Breda reacting to a puppy that Sgt. Fuery brought in out of the rainy weather. The Mustang Unit then discuss on who should keep the dog, just as the Elrics arrive when a strange sound which Ed realizes is a cat hidden in Al's armor. In the hallway, Ed points out that he and Al can't keep it, causing Al to run out in sadness, and Ed remembering he once had the same problem with their mother about keeping a cat. Ed then meets with Mustang and discuss about the results of the Reole mission. Mustang then mentions Edward's other recent missions, the disappearance of Mugear in Xenotime, with Mustang wanting a report on the red water, along with the police report from Aquroya, and Mustang asking if Psiren is as beautiful as rumored. Ignoring Mustang's advice about giving up, Ed mentions the tip he got from Belsio in Xenotime about the alchemist doctor Dr. Tim Marcoh and asks if Mustang knew him since someone with his abilities wouldn't have gone on unnoticed by the State Military. Just as Mustang denies it, a military entourage led by Brigadier General Grand arrives, stating that Eastern Command will serve as a temporary headquarters for Führer King Bradley, though Ed can feel something is suspicious about the Führer's secretary.

Meeting with Hughes who came with the entourage in the mess hall, while putting up with his talk about Elicia, Ed learns Hughes has been promoted to Lt. Colonel and is now the head of the Investigations department. Just before Ed can talk about Marcoh with Hughes, Grand comes in mentioning that Dr. Marcoh is a traitor who deserted his troops during the Eastern rebellion. While Ed tries looking up information on Dr. Marcoh having no luck, in addition to dealing with Al who still has the cat, Ed learns from Hughes that his annual re-certification as a State Alchemist is on the way very soon. Hoping to learn more about Dr. Marcoh from Mustang, and pass the annual re-certification exam, Ed challenges Mustang to a mock battle to demonstrate their skills. While Mustang refuses, the Führer and Grand however agree, and Hughes suggests the parade grounds for the mock battle. On his way out, Mustang also admits to Lts. Lt. Hawkeye and Havoc that though he'll follow their orders for now, he will become Führer, and suggests he'll want for all women to wear mini-skirts, something that Havoc is happy with while Hawkeye is annoyed. The next day, after Hughes, who is the announcer, gets booed at for showing a picture of his daughter, the battle begins when Hughes runs off the field. At first Mustang has the upper hand with his flame abilities and taking advantage of Edward's short temper, where all Ed can do is hide behind the crowd, taking some of the audience with him.

Ed makes a comeback by setting up a decoy with his coat in a statue and destroys Mustang's ignition glove only to find there is another one which he uses to destroy the giant cannon Edward made. Just as Ed is going to lose, Mustang is distracted by an old wartime memory, which Ed responds by sticking his automail sword directly at Mustang and the Führer then calls the match on a draw so the field does not take anymore damage. Ed and Mustang are then sentenced to clean-up their mess which is the reason for Mustang refusing earlier. At Ed's request, Mustang mentions the reason for his earlier hesitation is due to the Ishval Civil War and knowing it would be good to see him, gives Ed a tip at finding Dr. Marcoh. Shortly afterward, Hawkeye decides to adopt the puppy and names it Black Hayate, and shoots around it as punishment for peeing on the floor, while Mustang meets with Hughes. Hughes reveals that despite Ed's report, there is still strife against the military occupation led by Hakuro in Reole. Mustang decides to keep it a secret from Ed at the moment, since it had been a major accomplishment for Ed, and he'll allow Ed to learn about it on his own someday. As Ed decides to put the cat in front of a potential home knowing it is all he can do, Hughes confirmed Mustang's suspicions that the alchemist killer is in Central right now which is why the Führer moved to Eastern Command with his entourage. In Central City, the killer is getting ready to head to East City after killing another military officer.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from the material of the manga bonus chapters Dog of the Military? and The Military Festival.
  • When Hawkeye shoots a circle of bullet holes around Black Hayate as punishment for peeing on the floor, six bullets are heard being fired, but there are seven holes in the wall.

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