Dominic LeCoulte (ドミニク・レコルト, Dominiku Rekoruto) is a gruff, anti-social old automail engineer who lives in the mountains on the outskirts of Rush Valley. Having spotted the young Paninya after the accident that left her unable to move on her own, Dominic took her with him and created high-quality automail limbs for her to use (under the pretense that her lifeless, self-pity annoyed him). Though decidedly mean on the outside, Dominic occasionally shows that he is a kind person with a loving heart and a great passion for automail. Prodigiously skilled in his craft, Dominic has stated that it is his dream to internalize sophisticated weaponry such as carbines in automail limbs without sacrificing their standard shape and size. As such, he has fitted Paninya's right leg with a hidden shin blade and her right with a 1.5-inch carbine. Though well known, he has no interest in taking on apprentices and repeatedly turns Winry Rockbell down for the position when she asks, but refers her to Atelier Garfiel in Rush Valley. Additionally, he seems to have had a rather traumatic history with Pinako Rockbell, trembling in horror at the mere mention of her name and referring to her as "The Pantheress of Resembool".

In the 2003 anime, Dominic's role is about the same, aside from the fact that his family is not shown and that Paninya is his assistant. In the series epilogue, Dominic is seen with Paninya observing Winry undergoing her automail engineering training while she is in Rush Valley, which suggests that he eventually agreed to take Winry on as his apprentice.

The 2009 anime cut out the details of his past with Pinako Rockbell and instead refers Winry to Garfiel out of gratitude, rather than fear.

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