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Greed's hideout.

The Devil's Nest is a large pub located in the "bad side" of Dublith. This place is notable for being the home of Greed and his chimera gang of outcast mercenaries. From here, Greed keeps a close ear on all the goings of the "business underworld" throughout Amestris.

The Devil's Nest itself seems to be connected to a series of maze-like underground escape routes, mostly ending in the large sewer network below.

Shortly after Edward Elric and Izumi Curtis travel into the pub in search of a captured Alphonse, the place is raided by King Bradley and his military forces. The ultimate fate of The Devil's Nest after this attack was the death of all who frequented the pub.


  • In the 2003 anime, Frank Archer, a character exclusive to that series, leads the raid on the Devil's Nest rather than King Bradley, causing the chimera's roles to be extended, particularly Martel's.
  • During the fight between Ed and Greed, in one of the frames, a bottle of liquor labeled Stray Dog can be seen. This is a reference to Hiromu Arakawa's earlier manga series of the same name.