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Brother Cray is a resident of Reole and a faithful adherent of Father Cornello and his Church of Letoism. As Cornello's deacon, Cray is charged with enforcement of the false priest's creeds and appears to have some knowledge of Cornello's plan to raise a rebel army within the town. However, as a true believer in Cornello's teachings about Leto, it seems that Cray is completely unaware that he and his fellows are being duped. Manipulating his loyalty, Cornello convinces Cray to assassinate Edward and Alphonse Elric before they can uncover the church's secret plans and report them to the government, but Cray underestimates the Elrics and is swiftly defeated. Unfortunately, upon regaining consciousness, Cray is thrown into confusion by the broadcast of Cornello's accidental confession. When he attempts to question his leader, he inadvertently discovers that the late Cornello has been replaced by the Homunculus Envy. To keep him from blowing their cover, Envy, Lust, and Gluttony dispose of Cray.

Cray's skeleton buried deep within Gluttony's stomach.

Later in the manga and 2009 anime, his remains are seen among the various debris littering the false Gate inside Gluttony's stomach after Ed, Ling Yao, and Envy are also devoured.

There is a possible difference between Cray's motivations in the 2003 version of the anime and the Brotherhood and manga versions.  In the original, manga version, Cray is shown agreeing to Cornello's plans and schemes, obviously willing to manipulate innocent believers like Rose to procure the militant rebellion within Reole.  But in the 2003 version, Cornello's language and appeal to Cray are those of a troubled pastor who sees Edward and Alphonse as potential threats to Letoism.  While Cray may still be complicit in some of Cornello's double-dealing, he does appear to be working as a man who believes he is being guided by deep religious principles.