Claudio Rico (クラウディオ・リコ Kuraudio Riko?) is one of the main characters of two Fullmetal Alchemist games for the Wii console, Fullmetal Alchemist: Prince of the Dawn and Fullmetal Alchemist: Daughter of the Dusk.  

While both of these games have been released in Japan, they have not been released elsewhere. He also appears in two bonus chapters of the manga released in volumes 23 and 24 of the tankobon, which serve as prologues to each game.

His part in the Story

Claudio Rico is the crown prince of the nation of Aerugo, Amestris' neighbor to the south with whom they have been in a state of war for an unspecified length of time. When a ceasefire between the nations is agreed upon, Prince Claudio arrives in Central with several officers of his military to negotiate a peace settlement... or at least, that's what most of Amestris is told. There are hints in the prologue that Claudio is pursuing some hidden agenda of his own, with his vow to "fulfill his oath" in the Dusk prologue and his statement that "there is no escape" in the Dawn prologue.  

In the first game, he frequently comes across Edward Elric, while Edward watches Claudio in a massive parade, at an automail competition where Edward is acting on Winry's behalf, and when Edward and Roy Mustang are using their alchemy in a mock battle. This game appears to end when Lt Hawkeye, acting on orders from Fuhrer Bradley, attempts to shoot the Prince, only to have Edward rush forward to use his own body to shield the Aerugo royal.


  • There are also suggestions throughout both games that Claudio knows a mysterious young girl named Elena who arrives in Central during the celebrations. Their exact relationship is one of the major mysteries of both games.
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