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Charlie (チャーリー, Chaarii) is a soldier eastern region of Amestris and a veteran of the Ishvalan Civil War. During the war, was an enlisted soldier under the command of the Flame Alchemist, Roy Mustang.


Roy Mustang

The State Alchemist is undoubtedly someone to whom Charlie has a lot of consideration, especially for the way he faced the battlefield in the civil war. Though not a direct subordinate of his old commander, Charlie remained as one of his loyal supporters for years, providing vital assistance in the coup d'état in Central City.


Ishval Civil War

When the long fighting finally ceased, Charlie brought it upon himself to speak to his distant commander then-Major from his enlisted squad and thank him for all the work he had done to keep all the men beneath him out of harm's way. He described a column of fire that would precede their every march as a flame of trust, that would inspire the infantrymen to push on without fear because they knew that their leader would not let them down, despite not even knowing their names.

Promised Day

Seven years after the war, Charlie remains as a soldier in the East Area of Amestris, stationed under Lieutenant General Grumman. When it becomes apparent that his old commander is planning a coup d'état in the capital in order to rid the government of corruption, Charlie and his friends are only too happy to return to the field. Charlie himself initiates the first attack of the coup by dynamiting the bridge on which King Bradley is traveling before heading off to Central to act as backup for the Colonel's main force. Later, he leads the secondary team, eliminating the few Central soldiers who have managed to corner the Flame Alchemist while assuring his wounded enemies that soldiers from Fort Briggs wouldn't have bothered to leave them alive.

Though devoted to the cause, Charlie reveals himself to be a staunch family man, accepting Mustang's offer to escape if the situation worsens so that he may return safely to his wife back east.


  • Charlie's background and any kind of real introduction is cut from the 2009 anime. He is merely shown aiding Mustang's team in a separate group. His background and personality are inferred to only in the manga.
  • His description of the way Mustang protected the soldiers beneath him is partly one of the main reasons for what inspired him to aim to become Führer.
  • Charlie was not the only soldier that Mustang left an impression on. Most of the men who were with him when he spoke to the then-Major in Ishval, also contributed to the coup d'état. Some of the names of the soldiers are Damiano, Alexandre, Roger, Fabio, Richard, Dino, and Albert.

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