The Flames of Vengeance (復讐の炎 Fukushū no Honō?) is the 94th chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist


Mustang's Unit takes Mrs. Bradley to Radio Capital, setting up an interview with her in order to turn the Amestrian people against its army. They make light of the fact that the President is missing, and that soldiers were given orders to shoot Mrs. Bradley, making it look as if the military is behind the coup d'état rather than them. The producers at Radio Capital say that they are being held hostage, when they are really co-operating with Mustang's team. While listening to the report, Denny Brosh hears the voice of Maria Ross, and realizes that her death was faked.

Meanwhile, at a military stronghold, soldiers receive word that the organizers of the coup are much more organized than originally thought. They hear frightened reports that the army is on the defensive, only to be killed by a tank seconds later.

Underground, Roy Mustang pursues his bloodthirsty revenge against the homunculus Envy. He tells Edward and the others to leave, keeping only Riza Hawkeye by his side. Switching between powerful explosions at long range and precision flames close up, Mustang in clearly winning the battle. Envy retreats, leading Mustang to pursue it and order Riza to stay where she is.

While looking for Father, Edward and Scar have a discussion about Mustang's lust for vengeance. Scar tells Edward that as a man who once sought revenge, he knows what Mustang is feeling. He also sees the pain that vengeance can cause, however, adding that "...those flames of vengeance will soon burn away [Mustang's] very soul."

Back in the tunnels, Mustang is still searching for Envy. Envy decides that its best chance is to disguise itself as Maes Hughes, and kill Mustang when he flinches. This backfires however, as Mustang proclaims "Hughes is dead!! He's gone!! Your mockery is only adding oil to the fire!!"

Once again overpowered, Envy retreats deeper underground. There it finds Hawkeye, who had followed the Colonel despite his orders to stay put. It disguises itself as Mustang, and tells Hawkeye to follow it. However, Hawkeye lies, saying "the Colonel calls me Riza when we're alone." Envy falls for this trick, turning back into its regular form, only to be shot by the Lieutenant. Envy eventually overpowers Hawkeye, threatening to kill her just before Mustang bursts through the wall. He burns envy until the homunculus once again reverts to its true parasitic form, before stepping on it and preparing for the kill.

Riza, however, has different plans. She too realizes that the Colonel has become blinded by hate, and points a gun at his head threatening to shoot if he kills Envy. Just as Mustang's rage peaks, Edward and Scar appear, saving the parasitic Envy from a vengeful death at the hands of Mustang.

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