May and Lan Fan see each other, and began to challenge each other to battle. Al tries to stop the fight, but they tell him not to cut into their country's affairs. Knox, however, whacks the two on the head and tells them that their patients, and that they should be resting. May tries to tell him not to interfere, but Knox makes it clear that he doesn't care, and asks them a morbid rhetorical question that intimidates the two girls enough to behave and stay in line.

Meanwhile, Ed comes to Hawkeye's home, where Riza is shown to be taking a shower, and Hayate hears Ed coming and barks to her. Realizing it's Ed, she asks him why he's here, and he reveals that he came to return her gun. She puts on some clothes She tells him it could have been anytime. As Hawkeye is shown putting on some pants, still topless, her back is shown to have a strange tattoo on her back.

Chapter Notes

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