A large explosion takes place on the top floor of a building and Ling Yao can be seen escaping with Lan Fan on his shoulder as King Bradley watches on. Bradley watches as he rues the fact that his body can no longer always keep up with his keen eyesight. He and Gluttony intend to re-engage with Ling Yao and make there way down from the building.

Elsewhere nearby Winry still has a gun pointed at Scar from near point blank range. Ed and Al both make adamant pleas to Winry to put the gun down and leave the area. Just as it looks like Winry might pull the trigger or Scar might strike Ed jumps in between both of them. Scar starts to make a move towards Ed, but Al comes flying in and knocks scar away. As Al goes to keep Scar busy Ed gets Winry to put the gun down and places her in the care of the MPs entrusting them to take her back to Central and safety.

Roy hearing that the battle has progressed as anticipated sends a disguised Riza Hawkeye off to help the young folks in their efforts to capture a homunculus.

Meanwhile, Ling Yao, with a failing Lan Fan in tow, notes that Gluttony has managed to get in front of him at the same time that Bradley has come up from behind. Bradley sensing that their capture is imminent sends Gluttony back to take care of Scar which was the original reason the two were out in the first place. Lan Fan sensing that she is horribly endangering her prince since he refuses to leave her behind pulls a knife and prepares to relieve him of the burden.

Al is managing to keep Scar occupied when Ed shows back up to help him out. They continue to battle Scar when Gluttony suddenly appears and attacks Scar. The brothers expecting Lin to be handling the homunculus wonder where he is. Just as suddenly as Gluttony had appeared so does Lin as he comes flying up from the sewers. Everyone, Gluttony included, is so stunned that there is no time for anyone to react before Lin has shoved a large explosive down Gluttony's throat. Gluttony's head explodes and before he can regenerate Ed transmutes a steel cable for Lin who uses it to restrain Gluttony in a much-compressed state.

Bradley catches up with what he senses is Lan Fan, but it turns out it is just her arm which she has cut off and tied to a stray dog. Meanwhile, she is making her way through the same sewers that Lin used to get back to the battle with Scar and Gluttony.

Chapter Notes

  • The Konami Code is visible on a piece of paper as Mustang is giving Hawkeye the location of a safe house.

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