As the group is gathered in the desert Breda begins relating the story on how they all came to be in the eastern desert. Earlier, Col. Roy Mustang and 2nd Lt. Breda are in Mustang's office discussing the allegations brought against Maria Ross. As they're discussing it a call comes in from Barry the Chopper, but Mustang and Barry obfuscate the call by pretending that Barry is a lady friend of the Colonel. The call is cut short and Mustang heads to an outside phone to continue the conversation and complete making plans to rescue Ross. Breda is sent to get supplies for the task.

Jumping forward, we see Col. Mustang meeting Ross in an alley. Instead of burning Ross to a crisp, Mustang pulls a human simulacrum from hiding and roasts that instead of placing Ross's identification on the fake corpse. He then sends Ross off with Havoc who will be taking her to meet Ling Yao and Fu who will be taking her into the eastern desert.

Now that everyone is caught up on recent events it is decided that they will share all the information that has been gathered to this point regarding the homunculi. Following the discussion, Ed makes a vow to not allow anyone else be hurt while helping him and his brother. At the same time it's determined that Maria Ross has no choice, but to head east to Xing as Amestris is no longer safe for her. Fu and a small party guide her to the east.

Prior to the rest of the group heading back to Central, the head decides to take another look at the Cselkcess ruins. While there a group of Ishvalans attempts to capture him. That fails and their leader Mistress Shan when she learns that Edward knew the Rockbells relates to him the details of their death at the hands of an unknown Ishvalan who had a distinctive tattoo on his right arm. The group and Ed then part ways amicably with Ed returning to his friends.

The military group heads back to Central, but Ed breaks from the group to make a trip home to have his arm repaired and on the way back decides to stop by his mother's grave. There he sees Van Hohenheim.

Chapter Notes

  • Though it is not explicitly stated, it is shown that the bandaged killer does have the same tattoo as Scar.
  • Edward is chastised by Breda for telling Maes Hughes wife, Gracia, why her husband was killed.

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