Roy Mustang and Vato Falman respond to Riza's call regarding her capture of Number 66. Since 66 is claiming to be the soul of Barry the Chopper placed in a suit of armor the team is grilling him on the details of many of Barry's murders. After they have satisfied themselves that this really is Barry they strike a deal with him in order to get information on how and why people who were supposedly executed instead had their souls removed and placed in suits of armor. They question him about his involvement in Maes Hughes murder, but 66 has no information on it. After leaving Vato to keep watch over 66 Riza and Mustang head back to H.Q. to try to dig up some more info.

Deep below the presidential home at Central Command President Bradley has brought Greed back in chains. Also, gathered are Lust, Envy, and Gluttony. Another sibling, Sloth, is mentioned, but isn't currently present since they have to keep him working or else he slacks off. After some pointed bantering between Greed and the other homunculi, it's revealed that the President is actually the homunculus Wrath. After more bickering, Father quiets the bunch and questions Greed on why he betrayed him. Greed says it's just the way he was made and refuses to return to the fold. Upon hearing this Father renders Greed back down to his base essences and then imbibes the resulting liquid soul.

Back up top in the Presidential Suites, Mrs. Bradley suggests to her husband that maybe he should retire to which he replies that he can't retire just yet. His young son, Selim, requests a story from the president's recent trip to the south. Specifically a story about Edward Elric.

Chapter Notes

  • Lust is noted as the "Ultimate Spear" by Greed.
  • Greed is referred to as the "Ultimate Shield" by Lust.
  • President Bradley is revealed to be the homunculus Wrath.

Manga Chapters

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