Führer President Bradley and his troops overrun the Devil's Nest taking no prisoners as they do so. Most of the survivors, including the chimeras Loa and Dorchet, have been forced to the lower levels where they putting up a last stand.

At the same time, Greed and Ed are busy fighting it out with Ed taking most of the abuse since the Homunculi are virtually indestructible. Ed refuses to give up, however, and continues dig deep to keep the battle going.

The chimeras are confronted by Major Armstrong and Loa engages him. Seeing that his normal weapon, the big hammer, is not working he abandons it and resorts to using only his innate chimera animal abilities. During a pause in the epic battle between the two, it's announced that Führer President Bradley is on the raid which is news to those fighting in these lower levels. Just as Dorchet and Loa are preparing to make a tactical retreat the President ambushes Dorchet and puts a sword through his heart. Loa, seeing his compatriots being slaughtered by the President, charges him and just like the rest is cut down with no mercy.

Edward, still refusing to give in, continues to battle Greed and indeed seems to find a weakness to exploit. Greed thinking it was just a one-time fluke keeps attacking. This is exactly what Ed wants. Since Ed truly has found a weakness in the Homunculus Greed decides the better course of action now is to beat a hasty retreat. Just as Ed is about to follow the soldiers arrive and restrain him while Greed seems to get away. In the tunnels, Greed is retreating through he finds Al with the chimera Martel still inside him. As the Homunculus and chimera are discussing their retreat President Bradley shows up and states that he won't be allowing Greed to leave. Greed engages him in battle thinking to beat the "old" man. He's very surprised when he ends up with the President's swords through his throat and the Ouroboros tattoo is seen in the President's normally patch covered eye.

Chapter Notes

  • Greed's Ultimate Shield cannot be used at the same time as he is regenerating.
  • Greed's Ultimate Shield uses his body's carbon as the basis for its strength of construction.
  • Loa used to be a soldier during the Ishbalan extermination campaign.
  • Major Armstrong's merciful nature is the reason he has not been promoted further.
  • President Bradley also has an ultimate power which is the Ultimate Eye.

Manga Chapters

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