Izumi has finished off the chimera supporting Greed. She informs him that now she'll be taking Al back with her. He disagrees and a fight ensues. Greed proposes a trade wherein he'll instruct Ed on how to create Homunculi in return for Ed explaining how to place a soul in an inanimate object. Izumi rejects the suggestion, but Al accepts and asks Izumi to go back to get Ed.

Meanwhile, Ed returns to town and upon exiting the train station finds that both Major Alex Louis Armstrong and Führer President Bradley have followed him back to town. Back at the butcher shop President Bradley informs Sig that he's looking for Izumi. When Sig is less than forthcoming on where Izumi might be Major Armstrong takes it on himself to try to convince Sig to be a bit more amicable by stripping off his shirt and displaying his muscles. Rather than be impressed by the display he instead puts on his own very comparable display of muscularity. Both of the muscle men are very impressed with each and strike up a friendship. Meanwhile, outside the shop Izumi has returned and informed Ed that Al has been kidnapped and is requesting his brothers presence. Ed insists he goes alone and Izumi eventually gives in. President Bradley watches on.

Ed makes his way to the Devil's Nest. Once there Greed explains that he wants to make an equivalent exchange of information. Ed has other thoughts on the subject and rather than giving anything he's prepared to take everything. Greed is not impressed and sends Dorchet to beat some sense into Ed. Dorchet doesn't provide much of an obstacle for Ed and upon his defeat Greed instructs Loa to take Alphonse away to be taken apart for inspection on how he was created. He's instructed to take Dorchet with him as well. Ed and Greed then begin to battle it out.

Dorchet finally comes around as Loa is carrying both him and Al. Now awake both he and Loa continue to take Al to be examined. Suddenly Dorchet smells something familiar nearby. Führer President Bradley has arrived at the Devil's Nest and has given orders to protect Al and Ed, to capture Greed, and to eliminate all the others.

Chapter Notes

  • The scene of Major Armstrong and Sig Curtis showing off their muscular bodies was adapted into Episode 30 of the 2003 anime, with the only differences that Winry Rockbell was used in this scene instead of Ed and that Frank Archer, a character exclusive to this series was used as Armstrong's traveling companion instead of the Führer. This scene is left out of the 2009 anime, however, a similar situation involving both Armstrong and Curtis occurs in Episode 55 during the battle against Sloth.

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