The chapter first starts with Izumi, who has undergone an operation for her abdomen by a doctor, as shown by the scar. The doctor gives Izumi her usual prescription whereas she thanks him. While buttoning up her shirt, Izumi asks the doctor if he knows anything about amnesia. The doctor points out that that's not the field he specializes in. Izumi explains that a guy (Alphonse) had lost a small portion of his memory. The doctor explains that hypnosis is the best method as it can retrace memories to the subconscious. He also reveals that a strong shock can work as well. Izumi gets up and in her head, decides on using the second method and try to bash his head in when she gets back.

At the butcher shop, Ed appears to be distressed and frozen. Al (whose head is bandaged) and Izumi (who's been trying to jog Al's memory by bashing his head) notice this. Alphonse asks Edward if he threw his back out, whereas Ed reveals that he forgot about this year's assessment, which Alphonse sees as bad news. Izumi doesn't know what that is, whereas Al explains that every year a State Alchemist has to be assessed. If it isn't done properly, Edward will lose his license and title.

Meanwhile, in an Ishbalan camp Scar is recovering from his wounds. Two thugs show up to collect the bounty on him after being informed by Yoki that he was staying there. Scar gets up and it seems like he is going to accede to the thugs' demands. However, he immediately disables one by disintegrating his hand and then kills the other by smashing his skull into a wall. He then leaves the camp.

Back at the butcher shop Al receives a note, left by Bido, to meet some unknown people at a nearby location to discuss his "secret". He decides to go and makes his way to an abandoned factory. Once there it becomes apparent that these strangers, Martel, Dorchet, and Loa, don't intend anything good to come to Al from this meeting. Al takes off into the factory thinking he'll outmaneuver the three attackers since he and Ed used to play hide and seek in this factory when they were younger. After a bit of chasing and fighting Al is finally subdued after Dorchet knocks his helmet off and Martel then jumps down inside him. Once inside she is able to slow him down enough for Loa to finish subduing him and they proceed to take him to meet their master.

Chapter Notes

  • Evidence of Izumi's health issues are shown to be related to some kind of surgery to her abdomen.
  • State Alchemists must be reassessed every year in order to retain their status.
  • Scar has an older brother.
  • Yoki reappears for the first time after being defeated back in Chapter 1.

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