This chapter is the first chapter of the Dublith Arc and starts with Ed flashing back to early memories of both his father and mother. The story then continues from the previous chapter with Ed and Al meeting with Sig Curtis. After exchanging pleasantries Sig takes the boys to see their old teacher Izumi. Izumi proceeds to abuse the boys for Ed's becoming a dog of the military. After a thorough beating, the four retire to the house for some tea and conversation. The discussion leads to the Philosopher's Stone and whether Sig and Izumi know anything about it. They reveal that they do know of a man who knows about the stone. His name is Hohenheim. Al and Ed tell them that this man is, in fact, their father. The father that ran out on their family when they were young and Ed has no interest in searching him out to ask for help. The discussion turns to what Ed and Al have been doing recently. As well, they discuss how much they have learned and grown since leaving Izumi. They proceed to show Izumi their technical prowess in alchemy during which Izumi finds out that Ed can perform alchemy without needing a transmutation circle. Izumi asks Ed if he has seen That Thing and he reluctantly admits that he has.

Before they can continue this discussion local children come running up requesting Mrs. Curtis's help to fix their toy train. Another local child comes requesting that Izumi also "fix" her cat. Unfortunately, the cat has died and Izumi states that she cannot bring her back. She goes on to explain that alchemy can only do so much and restoring life to something that no longer has it is not something that can or should be done. This leads to Izumi revealing that she knows that Ed and Al went against her teachings when their failed attempt to bring back their mother ended with Al in an empty suit of armor and Ed requiring automail leg and arm prosthetics.

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The following characters make their debuts in this chapter:

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