Finally arriving in Rush Valley, Winry marvels at the multitude of automail ateliers lining the streets and explains to the significantly less interested Ed and Al that the violence of the Ishval Civil War and all the skirmishes since has prompted a boom in the prosthetics business centered in this town. However, after Edward's unique arm and leg cause him to be swarmed by Rush Valley's enthusiastic artisans, he discovers that his State Alchemist pocket watch has been stolen in the confusion. Inquiring around town, the trio learns that the most likely culprit is a local pickpocket named Paninya and that they will most likely find her selling her spoils at the Glotz Pawn Shop on the west side of town.

At the aforementioned establishment, the young Paninya attempts to pawn Ed's watch, but the proprietor mentions that the watch's lid is stuck shut and the gears don't appear to be moving. Before Paninya can attempt to wind it, however, Ed and Al burst into the shop to confront her. Paninya escapes out a nearby window and the boys chase her across the rooftops and back alleys of town, fruitlessly attempting to hem her in as she displays remarkable agility. Coming up with a plan, Edward uses alchemy to drive Paninya to where Al and Winry are waiting and when she arrives, Alphonse uses a prepared Transmutation Circle to transmute a large iron birdcage around her. However, with a swipe of her right leg, Paninya instantly cuts away several of the bars and reveals that her leg is not only automail, but also contains a hidden carbon blade running the length of her shin. She then reveals that her other automail leg conceals a 1.5-inch carbine grenade launcher in the knee and fires it in order to escape. But when she attempts to get away, Paninya is stopped by Winry, who refuses to let the thief free unless she lets Winry examine her automail.

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter marks the first appearance of the Rich Couple.
  • The automail arm featured in the window of Gods Studio is designed for a left arm and would, therefore, be incompatible with Edward.
  • In front of one of Rush Valley's automail shops is a stand displaying both Bald and Genz Bresslau.
  • Though the Viz edition of this chapter names Paninya's favorite pawn shop "Glotz", the sign above the door appears to read "Glatz".
  • This chapter is the first to depict alchemy's ability to weaken substances.

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