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The exterior and the interior of the Central Prison.

Located in Central City, adjacent to Lab 5, Central Prison is the capital's premier penal facility, housing hundreds of inmates convicted of a multitude of crimes. Under the control of the State Military, Central Prison houses court-martialed former soldiers as well as its usual cadre of felons, but is also subject to pressure from Central Command.

It has been revealed that several inmates awaiting the formal death penalty for their crimes were, in recent years, stricken from the record and instead handed over for human experimentation in the next-door Lab 5.

In the 2003 anime, several prisoners from the prison were transported to a hidden room by the Homunculus Envy in the guise of the deceased Basque Grand to be used for the Philosopher's Stone during the Laboratory 5 incident by tricking Edward into using them as ingredients. Despite the fact that the imprisoned alchemist Solf J. Kimblee had exposed this plot and that Lust used Alphonse as a hostage to force Ed to comply to their demands, thanks to further interference from Scar and Ed's exposure to the Red Water by accident, the plan failed. In the end only Kimblee escaped from the prison during the confusion and joined up with Greed and the Chimeras that broke free from their imprisonment in Laboratory 5 earlier.