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Central Military Command is the entity at the very top of Amestris' military dictatorship government which dictates absolute law and chief command of all military operations. The group known as Central Command consists of the Führer himself along with a group of Generals directly under the Führer's control. Housed in the nation's capital, Central City, the headquarters for such a prestigious brain trust lies within a large compound at the very heart of the metropolis. Surrounded by a moat and atop an enclosed, pyramid-like structure, it is both the Central Command Headquarters and King Bradley's personal residence.

In the confines of this fortress, a group of high-ranking military officers have been part of a sinister plan for several decades, secretly plotting the destruction of Amestris in exchange for immortality by way of a gigantic Philosopher's Stone to be made out of each and every one of the citizens who trust them so.

During the Promised Day, the Briggs Soldiers and the forces of Colonel Mustang launched an assault on Central Command. When Father ascended, the final battle was fought in the remains of Central's courtyard.  During this battle, King Bradley died as well as most of the Central Command. Brigadier Generals Edison and Klemin were prosecuted as main perpetrators due to their alliance with the Homunculi.