Camilla (カミラ Kamira?) is a character who appears in the Fullmetal Alchemist video game Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel. She is a mysterious and beautiful woman dressed in black. Old records describe her as a legendary alchemist who disappeared several years ago. She is now a bounty hunter of sorts seeking out Professor Eiselstein's "Philosopher's Catalyst". Camilla helps the Professor create the true Catalyst by posing as a scientist named Greta, who he makes his assistant. She eventually reveals herself when she kidnaps Armony in an attempt to take the wing from her to become more powerful. However, Wilhelm interference with an Etherflower and the wing is destroyed as Camilla is presumed dead after attempting to kill the Elrics for her plans being ruined.

At one point during gameplay, another character, Genz Bresslau, credits Camilla with giving him a full-body automail makeover. There is no explanation of how she overcomes the difficulties and physical stresses that automail inflict on the outfittee, as usually any person fitted with new automail must have a recovery period proportionate to the amount of their original body that has been replaced.

In a report which Riza Hawkeye makes after the main events, she mentions both Greta and Camilla, suggesting that a link has been made between the two, but then remarks that the person known as Camilla had been mentioned in military reports about a century ago, which makes it highly unlikely that they are the same woman.  However, Camilla had remarked that she had been working for decades to find an alchemist who could create the Philosopher's Catalyst, which she wanted to be able to preserve her beauty.  When Armony is freed from her Transmutation Circle without extracting the Catalyst, Camilla's face and body start to crack as if they are a surface mask, and before she falls from the tower, she is heard mourning the loss of her "beauty".

It is unclear how old Camilla actually is, or even what she is, given her apparent youthfulness. She is not one of the Homunculi, and yet she is apparently a skilled alchemist, as Professor Eiselstein learns from her how to create the combat chimera that General Mudi Nemda wants. Whether she is using alchemy to lengthen her youthful appearance and lifespan or is some kind of humanoid type that is unique (or just fell out of the plot hole) can be debated.


  • Camilla bears some resemblance to Lust, evident by her face and overall sex appeal. 
  • Camilla's English Actor, Wendy Powell, also voices Envy throughout all of the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise.