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Back when Izumi was 18, then known as Izumi Harnet, she travels to meet the alchemist Silver Steiner and request to be his apprentice. Giving her only a knife, he tells her to survive one month in Mt. Briggs before she can become his apprentice. On the second day, she is found by some Briggs guards, but manages to beat them and take their food rations. On the eighth day, she is close to starving to death, but then becomes motivated to survive. As she learns to defend herself and live off of the wildlife, she realizes the meaning behind alchemy: that one is all, and all is one. However, returning after a month, it is revealed she had been talking to Silver's older brother, Gold Steiner, who is actually a fighter. Annoyed, Izumi beats him up and leaves. After the credits, the OVA ends with an exaggerated look on the first meeting between Izumi and Sig.


  • This Bonus Episode is adapted from content in Bonus Chapter: Tales of the Master.
  • The flashback sequences of this episode take place early in the year 1897, seventeen years before the start of the series, while the last portion reveals that Izumi is telling the story during Ed and Al's apprenticeship in Dublith.
  • Just like in the chapter, Izumi does not have box braids.