Edward and Alphonse hear of a blind alchemist named Jude who had supposedly performed a successful human transmutation. Meeting up with him, Jude reveals to Ed that a young girl named Rosalie was resurrected through alchemy, with his eyes paid for in equivalent exchange. However, the Madam refuses to teach Ed about the techniques used. Rosalie leads Al to a room with what appears to be a little girl's shriveled corpse inside. She reveals this as the result of the real Rosalie's transmutation, while she herself is a girl named Amy, who was adopted due to her similar appearance to Rosalie. Alphonse is surprised to learn that it is not in fact a corpse, but is alive, in a way similar to him. As Ed arrives on the scene, the Madam tells him that her late husband kept the truth about the transmutation failure from Jude, who truly wanted to resurrect Rosalie. Ed and Al then leave, carrying this knowledge with them as well.


  • This Bonus Episode is adapted from content in Bonus Chapter: The Blind Alchemist.
  • Given the circumstances of the episode, the events depicted here could only have taken place before the start of the series.
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