This chapter starts with a flashback during the events of the Ishval Annihilation. Maes Hughes enters Roy Mustang's tent to call him, saying they'll start the attack on the 27th district at 10:30. Roy solemnly answers that they're all slavedrivers.

Continuing his angsty state, Roy asks Hughes why is he (Roy) killing people of his own country. Maes answers a "military protocol", to which Roy scorns at. Trying to lighten the mood, Hughes produces a letter that he has received from Gracia, that comes with a photo. He says that, when the war is over, he'll ask her to marry him and that Roy should be prepared for it (apparently, to be the best man).

Roy asks if "he was willing to hold the woman he loves with bloody arms". Hughes snaps back, saying that having a wife and a family is a simple happiness, but exactly because it was simple, it was also the greatest and that he would do anything to have such a happiness, even if that meant to smile while in his wife's presence and put all the war behind, as if it never happened. He then cuts off the chat by saying that they need to go to work.

Roy gets even more depressed and asks for him to wait 30 seconds. Hughes says he will only give the Flame Alchemist that much, but, instead, gives him more than one minute, before calling him again. Roy gets up and leaves the tent with determined eyes.

The scene cuts to the Eastern Headquarters in the present, where Lt. Hawkeye is trying to wake the Colonel up. He notices he has slept too much and starts mumbling about how he has changed since when he was at the battlefield. His subordinates seem preoccupied and Lt. Hawkeye asks if he has been dreaming. The Colonel then asks what they would all do if he commanded them to kill innocent people. They all dismiss him, saying together he could never order such a thing.

They then start to pile him up with work and he complains that they're all slavedrivers.

Chapter Notes

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