This prologue comes at the end of Volume 24 of the tankobon series, and provides a brief introduction for the Wii game Fullmetal Alchemist: Daughter of the Dusk.

It starts by a quick summary of the premise of the Wii game Fullmetal Alchemist, Wii: Prince of the Dawn, where Claudio Rico, crown prince of Aerugo, has traveled to Central to negotiate a peace between his nation and Amestris.  All of Central is caught up in celebration, including automail competitions and other festive events.  A mysterious figure faces a large collection of pipes and glass in a metal dome and declares that "Now is the time to bring darkness to this place."

We then see Fürher Bradley speaking to Envy and Greed, announcing that the "charade" must end while Envy states that they are counting on Lt Hawkeye.  She is on a rooftop with a sniper rifle, while below, a man tells Prince Claudio that it is "time", and Claudio replies that he will "fulfill my oath".  Mustang is running up a stairway, only to find Ed in his way, while in an audience waiting to hear the Prince, Al wonders to Winry and a young girl called Elena where Ed might have gone.  Elena seems to sense that something is wrong as she looks at the Prince, who appears to recognize her, and screams that she doesn't want this "to be the end!".  Ed suddenly emerges on stage, running headlong at Prince Claudio and throws himself onto the Prince as a gunshot cracks.  The final image is of Ed falling onto a wide-eyed Claudio, blood apparently sputtering behind them as they fall, and someone yells, "BIG BROTHER!" as the prologue ends.

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