A while after the return of the Elrics to Resembool at the end of the series, a huge package arrives at the Rockbell’s from Central City, to which Ed and Al reveal to be Alphonse’s old armor. The armor is ruined after the final struggle and as they all talk nostalgically about the changes that happened recently, the head of the armor disappears: Den caught the helm and left the door, with Ed, Al, and Winry to catch up with her. They decide to let it go and Alphonse asks Winry for a favor.

The next day, the three are at the shop of a blacksmith and ask him to melt the remains of the armor to make new automail pieces out of it, to help other people. A flashback is shown of Winry asking Alphonse if he doesn’t want to keep the armor, since they have gone through so much together and Alphonse answers that, if he kept the armor, it would end up stored in an attic and that would be the same as death to it, so he wanted the armor to continue with its ‘life’, by helping others to move.

They show the process of melting the metals, by putting the pieces in the fire, then beating them with a hammer until they become soft and, then, cool it again. Ed and Al comment they feel bad to see the armor get beaten up, but Winry answers that “that’s what will make it strong”.

They took part of the metal to make a new sickle as a present to Pinako, as they try the new instrument, they find the helm of the armor, lying in the tall grass. Inside it, a bird had made its nest and the eggs they laid had hatched to baby birds. Edward finishes by saying it’s a nice family and to the birds to “grow quickly and fly away”.

Chapter Notes

  • This chapter takes place sometime soon after the Elric brothers return to Resembool after the final battle, but before Alphonse has fully recovered his strength.