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Two Blue Squad members holding General Hakuro and his family at gunpoint

The Blue Squad (also called the Eastern Liberation Front) is a political extremist/terrorist group centered in the eastern area of Amestris. While it is unclear what their true motives and goals are, they are infamous for a number of illegal actions carried out against the central government and the government's eastern branch. In the early part of 1914, their leader was apprehended and confined by the East Area military, at which point a small group of Blue Squad members led by the criminal Bald hijacked a train heading from New Optain to East City and took all the passengers - including Major General Hakuro and his family - hostage. Their manifesto, which was sent to Colonel Roy Mustang of Eastern Headquarters, demanded the release of their leader; however, their request was denied and a number of government operatives on the train itself managed to subdue the hijackers and allowed the train's passengers to arrive at their destination relatively unharmed.


  • The Blue Squad group that hijacks the train consists of 12 men (including Bald, the leader of the group).
  • Bald and the Blue Squad were completely omitted from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.