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Bradley whoops

The re-telling of Isaac McDougal's encounter with King Bradley.

4-Koma Theater are extras on the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood DVDs. 16 episodes all together, (with each barely encompassing 2 minutes) each one is a short collection of humorous re-tellings of several segments from the story, drawn in a deliberate, choppy style. They could be seen as the anime's version of the manga omakes, as all key points in the story have also been parodied in chronological order. However, while the manga omakes provide further insight into characters, these extras are just silly parodies of existing scenes, not meant to be taken as canon with the actual story. Surprisingly, most aren't based at all off the manga's content, but rather solely original to the anime.


  • While the majority of stories are indeed solely original to the anime, the very first one, however— in which both the Elric brothers introduce themselves, only to get yanked away by a large magnet that Hawkeye pulls out—was actually featured as one of the first omakes in the manga. This marks the only one that was adapted from manga content.

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